Ziplines In Nepal

1. ZipFlyer Nepal

ZippFlyer Nepal is the world’s most extreme Zipline. With a vertical drop of 600 meters over a distance of 1800 meters with an incline of 56 degree, total length of 1.8 km, it is the longest, steepest, tallest and fastest zipline in the world. The Zipline is Located atop Sarangkot, about 10 km from the beautiful town Pokhara.

  • 1800 Meters Long
  • 2000 Feet Vertical Drop
  • 120 KPH Max Speed
  • 2 Minutes Ride time
  • Participants age must be 13 and older only and must be weight between 35 and 125 kg
  • Price: $78

2.Dhulikhel Zipline

Dhulikhel Zipline is a high-adrenaline, safe and breathtaking aerial adventure just an hour away from Kathmandu. With a vertical drop of 73 meters over a distance of 1100 meters. Dhulikhel Ziplines offers various kinds of Ziplines like Classic Zipline, Superman Zipline and Couples Zipline. This extreme Zipline is located at only 30 km distance from beautiful city Kathmandu.

  • 1100 Meters Long
  • 240 Feet Vertical Drop
  • 110 KPH Max Speed   
  • 1-1:30 Minutes Ride time
  • Participants age must be 10 and older only and the rider needs to be under 110 Kg
  • Price:$35 for Classic Zipline, $45 for Superman Ziplines and $60 for Couple Zipline.

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